Management philosophy

NDA appreciates its opportunities. We are committed to providing our customers with the knowledge they seek. It is also important to provide our customers with new visions.


We appreciate everyone who support us, therefore, we make ourselves better, we make our place better and try our best to contribute to making the country better. We always act with a sense of mission and responsibility, “What is best for everyone?”, “What is beneficial for customers and society?” We have a dream, a challenging spirit, and a high motivation for our own growth.

Our Vision

Partner company that obtains trust with overwhelming quality and service.


We will not forget our original intention, we will always be humble toward our customers and society. We want to create a bright and rich future that people can live in peace with NDA’s corporate vision is a partner company that gains trust with overwhelming quality and service. We appreciate the fellows who we met and under the spirit of challenge. We aim to realize this philosophy by working with customers to innovate business and solve various problems in society.

Founded March 29,2013
Registered Capacity 4,000,000 Baht
Representative Corporate Hiroyuki Kobatake (President)
Employees 10
Major Products Trading company of LED lighting (inchluding manufacturing, sales, construction)

Established Thai subsidiary PHENIX (Thailand) CO., LTD. With capital from mega bank 48%, Nihondentsu 49%, Consulting company 3%


High quality NICHIA’s ceramic LED mounted High-Bay launched LED High-Bay installed 8 companies.


LED High-Bay installed 30 companies.


Hiroyuki Kobatake became President High-Bay LED Installed Number of Installations (Cumulative) Breakthrough 100 Capital increase, increase the number. ※Establishment of a representative office in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City) Expansion of sales channels in Vietnam Due to the increase in the number of introduction cases to Japan from customers of Japanese corporations in Thailand,Increase exports to Japan (Tohoku, Kanto, Kansai area)


LED HighBay installation number installed (total) 150 companies PHENIX (Thailand) Co., ltd.Launch NDA brand that changes company name to NIHONDENTSU ASIA CO., LTD. Expanded the product line with high quality goods from Thailand.


LED High-Bay installation number installed (total) estimated at 200 companies or more We will propose a custom-made plan suitable for that company, from buildings under harsh environments to street lights,to general plants, warehouses, freezing warehouses and factories with furnaces. We are also planning the introduction plan to Cambodia and Myanmar.