Ambient temperature is the most concerning point of LED lighting used in industrial factories or warehouses.
Since most of LEDs are installed near ceiling, high temperature from outside will affect the brightness of LEDs and shorten LEDs’ lifespan.
To prevent the aforementioned effect, high-quality LED light with ceramic chip are recommended because of its high temperature endurance that extend the lifespan of LEDs to 50,000 hours approximately.

1. NICHIA’s ceramic LED technology

Ceramic LED Chip withstand high temperature in harsh environment from -30°C ~ 85°C.

Plastic LED Chip are not able to operate at higher than 50°C while maintaining brightness and shorten the age of the chip.

Another point of concern is the insulation. Without proper insulation, the age of the chip will also reduce significantly.

2. Illuminance (Lux) will not decrease over time due to coponents made with gold that will not rust no matter how long

Generally, metallic components will darken and corrode or rust due to many factors especially silver which is highly sensitive to sulfur. This results in lower illuminance from reduce conductivity.